China Hanking Holdings Limited was incorporated in the Cayman Islands on 2 August 2010, and was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on 30 September 2011 (Stock code: 03788).

The Group is an international mining group of companies with three major business segments (i.e. gold, iron ore and nickel), and engaging in exploration, mining, processing, smelting and marketing of mineral resources with mining assets located in Australia, the PRC and Indonesia. Upholding the core value of “people-first and business integrity” and adhering to the principles of “safety, harmony and green mine”, the Group committed to fulfilling its enterprises’ social responsibilities.

Gold business
The Company operates the SXO Gold Project located in the Yilgarn goldfield of Western Australia through its wholly-owned subsidiary Hanking Gold, which has 237 mining licenses and full infrastructure facilities for mining, transportation, and processing. The annual processing capacity of the self-owned processing plant reaches 2.4 million metric tons. In 2015, the SXO Gold Project officially commenced operation. As of 31 December 2015, the output of the SXO Gold Project amounted to 58,887 ounces gold. In 2016, the Company plans to integrate the surrounding mining areas, so as to improve the utilization rate of the existing infrastructure facilities and further expand the production capacity of the gold business.

Iron ore business
The iron ore business is located in the Anshan-Benxi iron ore belt of Liaoning Province, China. The Company operates four mines, namely Aoniu Mine, Maogong Mine, Xingzhou Mine and Shangma Mine, through its four subsidiaries Aoniu Mining, Maogong Mining, Xingzhou Mining and Fushun Shangma, respectively, and is engaging in the exploration, mining, processing and sales of iron ores. The Company produces iron ore concentrates at an average grade of 69%. The overall annual iron ore processing capacity of our iron ore business reaches 10 million metric tons.

Nickel business
The Company owns a laterite nickel project located in North Konawe Regency, South East Sulawesi Province, Indonesia through three project companies (i.e. KKU, KS and KP). The Company has JORC Code-compliant laterite nickel resources with nickel grade higher than 1% of 350,925,000 metric tons and laterite nickel resources with nickel grade lower than 1% and iron grade higher than 45% (i.e. resources with high TFe and low Ni) of 90,540,000 metric tons. Being affected by policy prohibiting raw ore export promulgated by the Indonesia government, the project had no production in 2015.