Company Culture

During the three decade since Hanking’s establishment, Chinese companies including both state-owned enterprises and private enterprises experienced a revolution with ups and downs. China enterprises have undergone reforms and developments during such three decade. After 30 years, the current economic and social conditions in China have already undergone a big change as compared to 30 years ago. Hanking is fortunate to have achieved some success step by step, both attributable to the excellent trend of China’s reform and development, and also the results of the efforts of all staff members.

Hanking's "human-oriented culture" is the spiritual value realised through the hard work of Hanking's entrepreneurs and employees over the years and also serve as the guidelines accustomed for use in achieving entrepreneurship and business developments.

Relying on its "people-oriented culture", Hanking had overcome numerous challenges. People at Hanking never give up and are always moving forward, and are always seek development and growth through divergent innovations challenges. This "open-minded leadership" spirit has been an inspiration to the people at Hanking to go pass all sorts of challenges and obstacles.

Our businesses shape our character – we explore iron ore from mountains and place great respect for mountains. Mountain is a symbol of Hanking’s culture as we value safety, stability and sustainability.