Health and safety

Adhering to the tenet of “Safe Mine”, the Group is committed to the maintenance of a healthy and safe working environment.

The Group has set up a dedicated health and safety management and enforcement organization with specialized personnel, and has developed and implemented health and safety management systems and operating procedures. The Group spends on safety measures every year, which are exclusively used for health and safety protection, such as providing employees with labor protection facilities and supplies, improving the health and safety environment at workplace and organizing physical examination every year to prevent and control occupational diseases. The Group strictly implements “6S Management Provisions” in the offices, prohibits smoking, and builds up a healthy, safe, tidy and comfortable working environment. The Company organizes safety and health education and trainings for the employees, develops specialized management systems and safe operating procedures with respect to key places, such as mining yards, mine shafts, explosives magazines, waste dumps, processing plants and tailing ponds, as well as blasting equipments, dangerous chemicals and other special equipments and special operations, and monitors major hazards. The Group has full-time safety officers to conduct safety supervisions and inspections, continually strengthens daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly occasional and mutual safety inspections, so as to timely detect and effectively rectify all kinds of safety risks.

The Group has adopted the following occupational health and safety measures as well as the relevant implementation and monitoring approaches, so as to ensure occupational health and safety and production safety of the employees of the Group.